Departments - Multilateral Affairs (Political)


Multilateral Affairs (Political)

The Multilateral Affairs (Political) department formulates, negotiates and implements policies governing relations with international and intergovernmental organisations. Its key functions include:

  • co - ordinating Zimbabwe's participation in regional and international fora such as the United Nations General Assembly and the United Nations Security Council in New York, and other specialised agencies, namely, UNICEF, UNDP etc; the United Nations in Geneva, and related institutions such as the World Health Organisation, International Labour Organisation, International Telecommunications Union, World Trade Organisation etc; the Rome - based World Food Programme; and the Commonwealth, G - 15, and the Non - Aligned Movement;
  • leading, through our Diplomatic Mission in Brussels, Zimbabwe's participation in the ACP - EU relationship, including the negotiation of trade and aid agreements between ACP countries and the European Union;
  • co - ordinating Zimbabwe's participation in international peacekeeping missions;
  • lobbying for the election of Zimbabwe and Zimbabwean nationals to international bodies; and
  • facilitating the employment of Zimbabwean nationals in regional and international organizations in order to maximize benefits from membership of and financial contributions to those organizations;