Departments - Multilateral Affairs (Economic)

Multilateral Affairs (Economic)

The department co - ordinates Zimbabwe's participation in SADC activities and, in that regard, is the designated National Contact Point through which all communication with the SADC Secretariat is channelled. Part of the responsibility entails convening preparatory meetings involving stakeholders for major SADC meetings and compiling position or briefing papers, reviewing and monitoring progress in implementation of the SADC Programme of Action.

Within the Ministry, the Department is also the focal point on all other regional issues and groupings, notably, COMESA, Southern Africa International Dialogue, the Cross Border Initiative and Regional Development Corridors.

On behalf of the Ministry and other line Ministries, the Department co - ordinates and convenes the 44 Joint Commissions for Economic, Scientific, Technical and Cultural Co - operation that Zimbabwe has with other countries. The Department also participates in trade, tourism and investment promotion activities both at home and abroad.