Departments - Policy and Research


Policy and Research

Key tasks of the Policy Research and Promotion Division are to:

  • compile daily briefs and position papers for the Head of State on global political, economic, social and strategic developments, including bilateral and multilateral issues;
  • provide Zimbabwe's Diplomatic Missions with information and briefing materials for effective promotion and defence of the national interest;
  • liaise with Parliament and make contributions to the President's Speeches relating to the opening of Parliament, National Day, Annual Diplomats' Reception, Heroes and Defence Forces Days;
  • brief the Minister of Foreign Affairs on Parliamentary debates relating to foreign policy;
  • liaise with the domestic and foreign press on foreign policy issues as well as on state and official visits;
  • compile press statements and respond to media requests for press conferences and interviews;
  • provide Secretarial services to meetings of the Minister and Senior Officials;
  • compile and present the Ministry's position papers on foreign policy at various fora, including the Armed Forces' Staff College;
  • attend Censorship Board meetings; and
  • Manage the Ministry's library.