Departments - Protocol


The Protocol Department is responsible for:

  • preparation of State visits and providing the related protocol services in accordance with internationally acceptable protocol procedures and practice;
  • providing internationally acceptable protocol services and advice at diplomatic functions, international conferences and meetings;
  • facilitating the accreditation of Zimbabwe's Ambassadors and Military Attaches, including the granting of agre'ment, and letters of credence in accordance with the Vienna Convention and host governments' laws and regulations;
  • accreditation of foreign Heads of Mission and International Organisations and arranging their courtesy calls and presentation of letters of credence to the Head of State and letters of introduction to the Minister of Foreign Affairs;
  • accreditation of diplomats, including the processing of diplomatic identity cards and processing diplomatic visas in co - operation with the Immigration Department;
  • ensuring that accredited diplomats enjoy diplomatic privileges and immunities in accordance with the Vienna Conventions on Political and Consular Relations and the Privileges and Immunities Act of Zimbabwe;
  • registration of locally recruited staff of diplomatic and international organisations;
  • management of the Airport VIP Lounge and facilitating the departure and arrival of VIPs;
  • issuing the "Diplomatic Missions and International Organisations Directory", which is generally known as the Diplomatic Handbook;
  • issuing of airport passes to diplomats accredited to Zimbabwe, in consultation with the Civil Aviation Authority of Zimbabwe; and
  • assisting in the processing of complaints and claims involving members of the public and members of the diplomatic corps.