Departments - Legal


The Legal Department gives legal advice to the Ministry and its Missions abroad, thus ensuring that the government fulfils and abides by its domestic and international legal obligations. The main areas of activity include the following:

  • formulating and implementing policies on international legal matters, negotiation and ratification of international treaties and agreements;
  • representing the Ministry in and providing Secretarial Services to the Public Agreements Advisory Committee, which ensures that bilateral and multilateral agreements that Zimbabwe is party to are in conformity with the country's national interests and generally acceptable international legal standards and practice;
  • providing custody of all international agreements and maintaining a treaty register of all multilateral and bilateral treaties and agreements that Zimbabwe is party to;
  • preparing international instruments of Zimbabwe's accession and ratification of agreements and facilitating their incorporation into domestic law;
  • preparing credentials to be presented by Zimbabwe's Ambassadors to Heads of State of countries and heads of international organisations where they are accredited as well as full powers of attorney authorising Ministers, Ambassadors or Senior Government officials to sign agreements on behalf of Zimbabwe and to satisfy procedural requirements of international conferences;
  • participating in the Inter - Ministerial Committee on Human Rights and Humanitarian Law and ensuring that International Conventions on Human Rights acceded to by Zimbabwe are incorporated into domestic law;
  • participating in the Inter - Ministerial Committee on Refugees, which screens and processes applications for political asylum and refugee status;
  • facilitating the enforcement of maintenance orders, litigation and processes in civil and criminal matters involving Zimbabwean and foreign nationals, and extradition of criminals; and
  • authenticating, in co - operation with the Registrar General's Office, all documents of Zimbabwean origin for international use, including birth certificates, death certificates, marriage and non - marriage certificates, certificates of incorporation and phytosanitary certificates relating to bilateral, regional and international trade agreements.