Departments - Consular


The Consular Department's functions are to:

  • facilitate the issuing of diplomatic and service passports to Ministers, Senior Civil Servants, Judges, heads of parastatals, Vice Chancellors of all Universities and Zimbabwe's Ambassadors, diplomats and their families;
  • process all applications for passports and verify citizenship and nationality for all Zimbabwean nationals living abroad;
  • facilitate the issuing of birth and death certificates of Zimbabweans living abroad;
  • liaise with Zimbabwean Missions abroad on the issuing or renewal of passports or issuing of Emergency Travel Documents to Zimbabwean nationals abroad;
  • facilitate processing of visa applications for Zimbabwean officials travelling abroad on government business;
  • assist with the repatriation of destitute and/or stranded Zimbabweans abroad as well as repatriation of the remains of Zimbabwean nationals who die abroad;
  • administer the Vienna Convention on Consular Relations, including liaising with Foreign Embassies' Consular Officers with respect to their nationals in Zimbabwean prisons and in that context, to arrange consular visits in consultation with prison authorities; and
  • respond to general consular enquiries from members of the public and handling consular cases relating to Zimbabwean nationals in foreign countries.