The functions of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs are:

  • to formulate and execute Zimbabwe's foreign policy, including the establishment and maintenance of diplomatic relations;
  • to serve as a point of contact for foreign representatives in Zimbabwe, other countries and international organizations wishing to do business with Zimbabwe;
  • to promote good political, economic, social and cultural relations with other countries in order to safeguard Zimbabwe's sovereignty, independence and territorial integrity as well as to enable it to realize its developmental aspirations;
  • to nurture and foster regional and international peace through participation in regional and international peace - keeping operations and conflict prevention, management and resolution;
  • to lead in the negotiation of bilateral and multilateral treaties and conventions and ensure compliance with their provisions in order to derive maximum benefits attendant thereto;
  • to co - ordinate the search for new trade, investment and tourism opportunities and promote co - operation in science and technology with other countries and multilateral institutions;
  • to cater for the consular requirements of Zimbabwean nationals and assist in the repatriation of destitute and/or stranded Zimbabwean nationals abroad as well as repatriation of the remains of Zimbabweans who die abroad;
  • to administer the Zimbabwe Privileges and Immunities Act in conjunction with the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic and Consular Relations; and
  • to create awareness of Government policies within the diplomatic com