Assistance in the Event of Death

In the event of the death of a Zimbabwean abroad, the Mission Assists the next of kin in facilitating the repatriation of the body to Zimbabwe or local burial in the foreign country. The assistance includes;

• Obtaining a permit for importing the body from the relevant Health Institution;

• Obtaining quotations for the repatriation of the deceased to Zimbabwe;

 • Facilitating contacts with reputable undertakers.

 The body can only be allowed into Zimbabwe if it is accompanied by the following documents:

• Post mortem report (optional);

 • Death Certificate;

• Embalming Certificate;

• Permit to repatriate remains;

• Infectious / Non infectious Disease Certificate;

 • Passport / Birth Certificate / National Identity Document –

NB. Copies of the above-cited documents have to be sent to the undertakers to enable clearance of the body before importation (in case of air travel) or originals presented to the border authorities in case of road travel.) The next of kin can also request for local burial of the deceased which can also be facilitated by the Mission. In the event that the next of kin of the deceased cannot be traced, or that they have financial constraints for a proper burial a pauper’s burial can be requested