Foreign Policy - Promoting Zimbabwe’s Political Interests

Promoting Zimbabwe’s Political Interests


Relations with Zimbabwe’s neighbours in SADC are of paramount importance and as a result, the country is proud to be an active member of a united family of 15 nations with shared goals, ambitions and developmental targets. Apart from helping to consolidate SADC solidarity, cohesion and mutual support that have driven the organisation since its inception, Zimbabwe has been instrumental in the institutionalisation of SADC and has committed itself to the full implementation of its decisions.

Zimbabwe has taken an active interest in the activities of the Organ on Politics, Defence and Security Co-operation set up by SADC to deal with inter and intra-state conflict resolution while recognizing the sovereignty and territorial integrity of member states. Zimbabwe takes pride in this milestone and other institutions and mechanisms that include the SADC Mutual Defence Pact and the formation of the SADC Brigade.

The SADC members took the decision to conclude the Mutual Defence Pact on the basis of the principle of collective security. More importantly, this principle promotes the “injure one, injure all” concept which saw the region come to the rescue of the DRC in the 1990s. The SADC Brigade will not only contribute to peace and security in the region but the continent as a whole, under the auspices of the African Standby Force.

Zimbabwe recognises that challenges for SADC remain, which include institutional weaknesses and the need to align domestic polices to the implementation of the region’s policies.