Foreign Policy - UN Reform

UN Reform

In its contribution to the on-going debate on UN reform, Zimbabwe maintains that the UN should be more representative, democratic, and accountable and development oriented. It should be the main advocate and custodian of multilateralism in the face of growing unilateralism. Africa must be fully represented in the Security Council.

Zimbabwe fully identifies with the African position or the Ezulwini Consensus on UN reform whose main elements include the allocation to Africa in the Security Council of two permanent seats and three more non-permanent seats; and either scrapping of the veto for all permanent members or extension of the same to all members. It should be noted here that Africa is the only continent without the veto in the present set up.

Promoting Zimbabwe’s Economic Interests

Foreign policy cannot limit itself to matters of high politics alone. Increasingly, it must also deal with socio-economic developmental issues especially in so far as these need co-ordination and co-operation between and among states. Zimbabwe’s Foreign Policy is thus designed to foster economic development and job creation globally and in Zimbabwe. Zimbabwe must therefore engage with other countries, through regional blocs such as COMESA, to help shape the regional economic architecture in order to meet these ends.