Foreign Policy - NEPAD



Zimbabwe has wholly endorsed the New Partnership for Africa’s Development (NEPAD) process as an African and African-driven initiative and believes that with proper management, the Initiative can indeed benefit the continent. It is encouraging that the SADC and NEPAD Secretariats resolved to meet regularly, and that the SADC Secretariat has scaled up its co-ordination of, and participation in NEPAD activities.

However, Zimbabwe objects to attempts at hijacking NEPAD by donor nations and using it to divide the continent into good and bad Africans with the former being rewarded and the latter punished.

From a broader perspective, Zimbabwe’s diplomatic missions also engage in direct communication with potential investors, countries and organisations that seek to establish and deepen business relations with Zimbabwe. Embassies co-ordinate the search for new trade, investment and tourism opportunities and promote co-operation in science and technology with other countries in addition to providing consular services to all Zimbabweans.

They also negotiate conventions, protocols, bilateral and multilateral treaties and ensure compliance with the provisions to maximise benefits for the country.